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Innovation is the key for success. We keep ourselves updated.

  • To inculcate innovation, we encourage the design-thinking approach followed by disruptive innovation. As a part of this strategy, we support better communication and recognition of innovative ideas through design-thinking, ability to learn and grow from what others are doing-follow the leader approach, and work with academia on research and partner with other firms-for faster learning. 

  • Our directors share their knowledge at various conferences around the world, teach at international institutions where they get an opportunity to learn and innovate with millennials and Gen Z sharing ideas, thoughts and philosophies. We work with different companies around the world stimulating innovative thinking and fostering collaboration and research. Our belief is: most of the companies who are innovative have to be disruptive and that is the digital disruption 

  • We invite academics and other experts in the field to conduct workshops and seminars which introduce disruptive thought process and tools and stimulate innovative thinking. 

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