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Starting from humble beginnings in 2017, our ambition is to be a global enterprise and an IT and financial powerhouse by 2030. The first one gets the oyster, the second one gets the shell- We strive to be the first inspite of our journey starting only in 2017. We are a young, dynamic and vibrant team. We are flexible and nimble-footed.

We change as per the market needs – that is the power of midsize.Spanning in 3 countries across 3 continents with a mission “We want to make a difference by creating value for our partners and stakeholders based on Leadership you can Trust”. 

We are the executioners, the practitioners since we hold the belief: There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.
Each of our companies operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own board of directors.

About Us

We believe in teamwork. Individual Einsteins cannot beat the outcome achieved by well-coordinated teamwork. 

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” We had our share of failures but we have learnt from them and we rarely do the same mistake twice.

Vision and Mission

We want to be a global conglomerate across different continents. TO do this, we plan to thoughtfully diversify into sectors specifically causing digital disruption. We want to achieve global and national leadership in multiple businesses while converting every adversity into a new opportunity and conquering the adversity.

“We want to make a difference by creating value for our partners and stakeholders based on Leadership you can Trust”.
People Behind the Lights
Meet our team

The multidisciplinary designer specializes in furniture for the contract, hospitality and residential markets, as well as lighting.


Based in Amsterdam and Milan, Webb’s creative process begins with materiality and an empirical approach that is highly experimental.

Ivan Daniel

Interested in how the pragmatism of the traditional craftsman can create new design, he focuses on simplicity.

Innovation is the key for success. We keep ourselves updated.

To inculcate innovation, we encourage the design-thinking approach followed by disruptive innovation. As a part of this strategy, we support better communication and recognition of innovative ideas through design-thinking, ability to learn and grow from what others are doing-follow the leader approach, and work with academia on research and partner with other firms-for faster learning. 

Our directors share their knowledge at various conferences around the world, teach at international institutions where they get an opportunity to learn and innovate with millenials and Gen Z sharing ideas, thoughts and philosophies. We work with different companies around the world stimulating innovative thinking and fostering collaboration and research. Our belief is: most of the companies who are innovative have to be disruptive and that is the digital disruption 

We invite academics and other experts in the field to conduct workshops and seminars which introduce disruptive thought process and tools and stimulate innovative thinking. 


For an exciting career journey, you can write to us at inquiry@indusagroup.com.

If you believe every problem is a gift – without a problem we would not grow…. Then we think likewise and will make a great entrepreneurial journey together. So hop onboard with your diving suits we go sky-diving.

Should you join us: We hire only the best and brightest. It does not matter whether you are from an Ivy League, A+ school or D school, does not matter if you have finished your graduation or not, we look at you as a package and your skillsets will be a deal maker or deal breaker. 

We are a very young and dynamic organization constantly innovating with the changing market conditions and growth is stupendous.We foster an entrepreneurial environment that is vibrant and offers you the opportunity to achieve your maximum potential. 


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